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  • @nardwuar had this amazing interwiew with @liveloveasap Rock, ferg, yams and ty beats. This is probably one of the best interviews I have seen with Rocky….

    He brings up his ex Czechoslovakian girlfriend, Asap Ferg’s dad working with Bad Boy, Rockys musical inspirations he even surprises him with vinyls from some of Rockys favorite artists and songs that he has sampled.

    Nardwuar took time to really research the whole Asap crew. I have seen a few interviews but this one by far was the most entertaining and informative to watch. It shows me how much influence rocky gained from his Harlem background and how much his crew does behind the scenes. They are a family, since Wu Tang no one has really seen a hip hop group that operates like ASAP. Groups like this happen few and far between.

    This was done out in Texas during SXSW, watch and be entertained…


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