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  • Dedication 2 @drake #takecare is out , gonna cop it. Even though I have already heard it. I been down sense “Comeback Season” and this album is the Aubrey i first fell for. Lots of emotion and raw feelings. So F*%k what everyone else says about you being to emotional. You are just one of the few guys that isn’t afraid to express his feelings. Its real being a celebrity and falling in love turns into a gossip article. So i feel for his heartfelt, “im hurting right now”,”when will someone like the real me”,”when do i know i can trust the opposite sex again”. 

    The pics above are from his interview in complex magazine and the pictures are epic. A lot of stills of him in black & white being himself. Its the things o love most about black & white pictures its raw.

    Is that too much to ask? Maybe. But what can you do when the love turns to hate? “I’m ready for whatever,” he says. “I don’t give a fuck. I want to move through life in the most non-confrontational way possible, but I’m not a pussy. Don’t ever get that mixed up.”

    S/O 2 Complex Magazine for a great interview !!!

    #takecare buy it on itunes, in best buy i don’t give a damn even if you bootlegged it support #goodmusic. 


    XOXO - OVOXO for 2day :)

    Drake - We’ll Be Fine Vidéo MrMusic sélectionnée dans Musique

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