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    “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”

    - F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

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    The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, 1984 ~ Keith Haring

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    The least you could do is acknowledge all the pain you’ve caused .

    The least

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  • How to take your regular fro and curl it up a bit. This is an easy way to curl our fro and condition it at the same time. First, we need to ensure you have a few supplies. A wide tooth comb, a couple of hair bands, a few silver hair clips and last but most important Shea Moisture curl and style milk.

    Step 1- Shampoo your hair twice and make sure to get all the product out. The curls come out best when it isn’t conflicting with any other hair product.

    Step 2- Don’t towel dry your hair. Keep your towel around your neck so you won’t be drenched. Then get your wide tooth comb and part your hair at an inches width from the front to back. Then tie up the rest of your hair so it doesn’t get in the way.

    Step 3- Now part your hair from the top of the part towards your ear at any size you desire. Remember the bigger the part the bigger the curls. Then use a silver clip to clip back your remainder hair. Then part the section of hair you have taken out into two even pieces. Twist the two pieces until you get to the end. Now if your hair doesn’t curl at the end, curl it with your finger and clip it back with a silver clip.

    Step 4- Once you have gone all the way back. Take your hair out from the hair band and part the rest of your hair until you have twisted your whole head.

    Step 5- Now if you plan to leave it in over night. Lay your towel on your pillow as your hair is probably still damp. If your in a hurry blow dry it for at least 20 minutes on medium heat. Keep in mind the longer the twist stay in the longer they hold up. Once your done with one of the two drying options, pull the twist apart and style it up

    Enjoy your curl!

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  • Somewhere in in my adolescence maybe it was 1990 I believed in this image. I use to think like so many other kids that I would live like the Jetsons did. Its amazing how fast 2014 came and we are still riding around on four wheels. Even though technology has made its strides in so many other arenas. Like curing diseases, creating prosthetics and even creating facial interfacing programs for casinos to determine wether or not someone is cheating. I was web surfing and came across a few things from this months IFA convention (Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin) that reminded me of all the things I imagined would be happening in the next century. Here a re a few of the faves that I thought were worthy of being mentioned.

    - Aswy’s levitating bluetooth speaker, it is a levitating speaker that is controlled through bluetooth. The levitation is due to a magnet that is placed in the belly of the base (sounds like a rock band). It can even be attached to your fridge, the price is even more surprising. Only $150 bones folks, this is a cool addition to any home.

    - Dyson’s 360 eye, not as talkative as the robot housekeeper from the Jetsons but more efficient. This cleaning device has a camera that can see 360 degrees and navigate where to clean. No price or release date on this one but I would save a bunch of coins for this guy.

    - Toshiba’s smart mirror, everything your iphone does but better. Imagine waking up in the morning and looking into your mirror. It will display your daily schedule, weather forecasts, stock statistics and tell you “Good Morning”. This is on the 007 coolness gauge. Its hi tech, sleek and a simplified way of starting your busy day.

    Those were just a few things that caught my eye. We don’t have floating cars yet but I expect it pretty soon. Our marveling scientists of this generation are working to simplify everyone’s life with each gadget and prototype.

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  • Brad Pitt and Robin Givens, 1989 

    Robon Givens and Brad Pitt…. I totally missed this. Well i was only three years old……

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